Shabbos Parshas Vayakhel-Pikudei – 5775 שבת פרשת ויקהל פקודי

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Shabbos Parshas Vayakhel-Pikudei – 5775 שבת פרשת ויקהל פקודי
Parshas Parah – Shabbos Mevarchim Nissan
This week’s Kiddush is sponsored by Michoel Slater for chazak and by Yona Edelkopf in honor of his father’s Yortzeit Reb Zavel Edelkopf obm. A lavish Kiddish is planned.

The Molad will be Friday, March 20, 2015, 12:43 (3 chalakim) PM

Parshas Parah
The Torah reading of Parah (Numbers 19) is added to the weekly reading. Parah details the laws of the “Red Heifer” and the process by which a person rendered ritually impure by contact with a dead body was purified.

(When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem, every Jew had to be in a state of ritual purity in time for the bringing of the Passover offering in the Temple. Today, though we’re unable to fulfill the Temple-related rituals in practice, we fulfill them spiritually by studying their laws in the Torah. Thus, we study and read the section of Parah in preparation for the upcoming festival of Passover.)
Good Shabbos.
Happening this week
Monday 25 Adar
Rebbetzin’s Birthday (1901)
Rebbetzin Chaya Mushkah Schneerson (1901-1988) of righteous memory, wife of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of righteous memory, was born on Shabbat, the 25th of Adar, in Babinovich, a town near the Russian city of Lubavitch, in the year 5661 from creation (1901). In an address delivered on the 25 of Adar of 1988 (the Rebbetzin’s 87th birthday, and about a month after her passing), the Rebbe initiated an international birthday campaign, urging people to celebrate their birthdays and utilize the day as a time of introspection and making resolutions involving an increase in good deeds.

Wednesday 27 Adar
Rebbe Falls Ill (1992)
On the 27th of Adar I, 5752 (Monday, March 2, 1992), the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, suffered a disabling stroke while praying at the gravesite of the previous Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch. On the same date two years later, the Rebbe lost consciousness following another stroke; three months later, on the 3rd of Tammuz 5754 (June 12, 1994), the Rebbe’s soul ascended on high, orphaning a generation.

Shabbos 1 Nissan
Rosh Chodesh
Candle Lighting

6:42 PM

Friday Mincha

6:52 PM

Kabolas Shabbos

7:27 PM

Shabbos Mincha

6:40 PM

Shabbos Ends

7:42 PM

Shalom Zachor

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